Celebration of Ministry – Feb 21 @10am

In preparation for our impending move to the North City location, a celebration of the current site’s ministry will take on February 21 at 10am.  Special guests include Pastor Jim Schoeld (former Bethel minister) and Pastor Kathryn Buffum (NWWA Synod staff) Learn more at the events listing on our Facebook page.

Remodeling at the new site – much progress!

Check out some pictures of the remodeling being done to the new Bethel site in North City — we have before and “during” shots from the new community room and the future home of the Childcare Providers’ Preschool Cooperative!   https://www.facebook.com/BethelShoreline/

“Choosing Community Over a Building”

  The Shoreline Area News recently published a great article explaining much of what’s going on with Bethel’s future location plans — you can check it out here: http://www.shorelineareanews.com/2015/12/bethel-lutheran-church-choosing.html

New sermons and new Beams

Remember: just because you don’t see a new post every time doesn’t mean updates aren’t constantly happening — check out the pages for the Bethel Beam and sermons for new information!

And we’re back!

  Some of you might have noticed that we were AWOL for a bit: a snafu with our website registration lead to a temporary shutdown of the site — which was especially hard to get fixed over Memorial Day weekend.  As such, it’s also possible any email you sent to a “bethellutheranchurch.org” address over the … [Read more…]

Bethel Lutheran Church is NOT closing

  Read the title of this post.  Repeat it to yourself.  Then repeat it again. Bethel Lutheran Church is NOT closing.  Period.  End of story. It’s become apparent to me over the past few weeks that a few rumors are flying around out in the wider community — maybe not all over the place, but … [Read more…]

Stealthy new content is always here!

New editions of the Bethel Beam?  Check. New sermons? Check. Whether an announcement goes up or not, you can always depend on regular updates to some of our more regular website features.  Check them out here, subscribe to the sermon feed on iTunes, or check out our Facebook page.