Remembering the Saints

All Saints Day is this weekend: during worship we’ll be taking time to remember and celebrate the lives of those who’ve crossed our paths and influenced our lives but have since passed on. Come with full hearts and vivid memories!

New sermons! New Beams! New meetings! Oh, my!

Have you been keeping up with the latest preaching from Bethel?  What about the Bethel Beam (newsletter) which comes out each month?  Did you know we are having a Congregational Meeting on November 16?  There is SO much good information to be found on the site — feel free to click around and see what … [Read more…]

Blessing of the Pets 2014

Reminder: we’re doing a Blessing of the Pets on Sunday October 5 (12:30pm) in the lower parking lot’s greenspace.  All are welcome (though you should cage or otherwise contain any critters who might struggle to “love thy neighbors”)

Bible Study and conversation: Thursdays at 1pm

Reminder: Bible study & conversation with Pastor Chris is starting up this week — it’ll be every Thursday at 1pm.  All are welcome! Weekly readings will be taken from the Narrative Lectionary and will reflect the upcoming Sunday’s preaching text.